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General Information

The General Information category is reserved for general community guidelines, announcements, introductions and other topics pertaining to the forum at large.

Featured How-To Articles

This category is where you can find any post that has already been featured in our How-To series. There will also be a “Topic Pool” post in this category, where you can contribute How-To topic ideas.

Sigma Formulas and Functions

This category contains questions and answers around the use of formulas and functions in Sigma. This is a place where you can find creative Sigma formulas and creative answers to difficult questions.

Sigma Administration

Connect to your favorite cloud warehouse, invite new organization members, define user roles and permissions, address your security needs, take your analysis to the next level with Dashboard Embedding, and much more.

Errors, Warnings, and Postmortems

Search for and report errors and warnings you’ve encountered in Sigma. Together we can find possible resolutions or workarounds.

Schedules and Exports

Learn about exporting and scheduling your worksheet and dashboard reports. Sigma supports multiple export types to email, Slack, Google Sheets and Google Drive.

Data Export

Sigma has many different ways to export data, check out this section to learn about all the ways to get your finished reports out of Sigma and into the hands of your team!

Data Sources

This category contains questions around Datasets, Worksheet Sources, Sigma Joins, Sigma Links etc

Tips and Tricks

Share your favorite tips for using Sigma!
If you found a shortcut or timesaver you’d like to share, post it here!

Sigma User Meetup 🎉

Learn about exciting SUMs (Sigma User Meetups) where you can meet other like-minded Sigmanauts.

Workbooks and Visualizations

Share knowledge with the Sigma Community on how to best bring you data to life with Workbooks and Visualizations.

Workbook Operations

Here you can find workflows for actions in Workbooks (and also legacy Worksheets).

SQL Runner

Do you want to write your own SQL in Sigma? Use this category to discover everything you need to know about using Sigma’s SQL Runner - from SQL tips to guidance on SQL in Sigma!

Product Requests

If there’s something you’d like to see on Sigma or anything that can be improved, we’re all ears.
Please enter as many details as possible around the following questions:

Site Feedback

Discuss your Sigma community experience, what works and what doesn’t. Tell us how we can improve your community experience.


Add your top embedding-related questions and answers to this category!
If you’ve got an interesting use-case to talk about, please consider writing up a post here.