1 dataset to rule them all

I have a single table in my snowflake database that is going to be the basis for quite a few different dashboards. I am treating each dashboard as its own project in a separate folder so that it can contain all the worksheets needed to support it.

I am thinking of building a base dataset that is the only dataset that directly connects to the table. This way I can put commonly used formula fields and Row Level Security filter in this single dataset. Then when I create a new dashboard in a new folder I will create another dataset object that uses the base dataset as its data reference. This keeps me from having to recreate RLS or those commonly used formula fields.

I tested to make sure this dataset layering didn’t add any weird SQL calls and that when I use the “copy dashboard and sources…” process it doesn’t screw anything up. Everything seems to be working fine.

My question is does anyone see any issues with this pattern? I don’t want to get far into this and discover there is something I completely didn’t understand that will break my use of this pattern.

Thanks, Eric