Ability to set a materialization/query schedule on Custom SQL queries underlying elements in a workbook

  • Describe Feature - Ability to schedule when the custom SQL query runs, on workbook elements

  • What is the use case? - On periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) reports, the elements contain data that doesn’t need to be queried each time the page is accessed or a combination of that with custom parameters defined on the workbook itself.

Currently, accessing a workbook page will cause the SQL query to run, so it can be a while before data is displayed to the viewer.

In these cases, datasets aren’t used, because the data is one-off, or the editor doesn’t have the access level to set a materialization schedule, or the report requires specific parameters (ie. parameters based on another query, etc)

  • How often would this feature be used? Daily, particularly on any periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) report or elements where the underlying data is updated on a schedule

  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization? - Better experience for workbook viewers, reduce the number of unnecessary queries

Hi @wayne.tsai
We’re currently working on adding the ability to materialize elements in Workbooks, so that we aren’t rerunning the full query each time an element is referenced, and instead just fetching results. Is that what you were thinking of?
We also try to make use of the Cloud Data Warehouse Cache when available rather than running fresh queries. Is that more in line with what you were thinking?

Hi Erica,

Yes! That is exactly what I was thinking of

Best regards,