Adding a Trendline


Is there any way to add a trend line to a graph? I currently have a scatter plot and it would be useful for my users to have a trend line for this but I don’t see an option to add one.

Hey Zachary!

Currently, there is not an easy way to add one through the UI but I can walk you through a hacky way to create one! The first thing is you will need to use a combo chart for this – I’ll add the steps below:

  1. Add your axis column to the axis section of the graph, and instead of adding your value column to the value section, you will have to add it to your “Line Values” section. You can have this shape as a Point and this will replace your scatter.

  2. Create a “MovingAvg” column of your values which will act as your trendline.

  3. Move your trend line Column into your “Line Values” section and make it the shape of a line.

This should give you a graph with your trend line!

We have other options for doing trendlines now (two years later)!

See a full write-up at: How to create a linear regression in Sigma