Allow Trellis Charts to use the same variable in the row and column options

A feature of trellis chart creation in ggplot2 and Plotly is the ability to use the same variable in the row and column of the trellis and specify how many rows or columns one wants so that when space is limited horizontally or vertically, you can still see all of the individual trellis charts in one visualization.

While recent updates to trellis charts allow for scrolling, this only works for presentations or dashboards from live workbooks. In the case of exporting a workbook to pdf or exporting a trellis chart for use in a presentation program, the scrolling feature is lost. The alternative is to create two or more filtered trellis charts to get everything to fit on “one page”. Being able to use the same variable in both the row and column and specify the number of rows and columns in the trellis would eliminate this and better accommodate exporting.

Thank you, Jonathan, for trying the new Trellis scrolling function. I have informed @katherine about your finding that the scrolling function is lost when exporting a workbook. We appreciate you sharing the workaround in the meantime.

Hey Cathy, I did double check and I was incorrect in the case of a PDF. The scrolling is lost but it does appear to resize the chart to show all the trellis categories. However, exporting to PNG only exports what you see on the screen.

Appreciate the update. I will pass on the findings internally.