Apply a dashboard filter to a worksheet Total column

Is there a way to apply a dashboard filter to a worksheet Total column? I have a single value visualization from a Total column in my worksheet and it doesn’t seem to update when changing dashboard filters.

In order to effect a change in a single value visualization driven by a Total column, you’d first need to create a parameter+filter combo at the worksheet level.
On the worksheet once a value is passed to a parameter, a separate custom column performs a formula calculation/check against this parameter value and produces a result.
The worksheet filter looks for specific values in the custom column and as a result impacting the result of the Total column as well.
At the dashboard layer when adding a new control, under the Apply on Targets section you can choose the target chat this control applies to and more importantly you can Add action and select Set parameter.

This will effectively pass a parameter value down to the worksheet parameter which through the custom column on the worksheet will filter the worksheet to produce the desired Total column result.

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