Assign connections based on other factors

Right now we’re trying to really dial into our overall usage/costs in Snowflake. The usage analytics in administration is helpful, but it’s still sort of a step away from where I’d like to go.

I’d love it if I could create specific Snowflake warehouses maybe on a per-department level and have certain groups or teams assigned to those when they run a query. I know I could do this with separate connections, but then I’d also need duplicate data sources and duplicate dashboards (baaad!).

The other option would be a connection with OAuth, but that’s not really somewhere we want to go right now (I don’t want to have users able to connect to Snowflake directly).

Any bright ideas on this?

Hey aingold, this use case sounds suitable for our User Attributes with Snowflake feature!

You would be able to assign specific users an attribute that defines the Warehouse and/or Role that their queries would then dynamically be run on, all within a single Connection!