August 11, 2022 - Sigma User Meetup

Join Us at our next user meetup!
Join us on August 11th at our hybrid meetup to connect with Sigma users across industries, regions, and levels of experience. We welcome you to attend our in person portion at Sigma’s headquarters for food, drinks, and discussion. For those who would like to join virtually, we will be hosting the group online as well through Zoom.

Find out how users integrate Sigma into their work. Our product team will also be announcing new features and a roadmap of what’s to come!

Thank you to everyone who joined up at the Sigma User Meetup!
If you would like to claim your SUM t-shirt, fill out the form here!
@data_katrina also promised to provide us links to the book she recommended in her talk.
If you missed the meetup, you can watch the recording below.


Hi all! Thanks to everyone who attended and hope to see everyone at the next one!

Here is a copy of my presentation: The Data Museum Framework PPT.pdf (1.4 MB)

Here are the book recommendations I mentioned:

And here is the example dashboard I created (most of the screenshots from the deck): Retail Sales: A Snowflake & Sigma Dashboard Example | phData


Love the Data Museum presentation. It contains a clear, thoughtful approach to designing a dashboard. While some of the points may seem obvious – it’s not to newbies in the dashboard design space. Thanks!


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