Auto align elements when they line up

  • Describe Feature
    When an element is being resized and its edge is close to another element’s size, the resizing element should lock/auto-align to the other element.

align feature

  • What is the use case?
    Design aesthetics - it is difficult right now to make sure things are sized the same and the only option is to eyeball it and hope it’s the same. Very similar to this element sizing request: More Element Sizing Options in Workbooks

  • How often would this feature be used?
    Every time I make a dashboard

  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
    Ease of use and improved design.


This is a wonderful idea. The lack of pixel level control we have over the charts in a Dashboard/Workbook has been a difficult transition for me coming from other tools that allow me to have control over exact sizes down to the pixel.

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I’d like to express my support for this feature. I don’t want or need pixel-perfect control. One of the things I love about Sigma is that I don’t have to waste much time fighting with layout/sizing to get a “good enough” result (IMHO Tableau is horrendous in this area). But it would be really helpful for the vertical sizing to “snap” to adjacent elements as is requested here.

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We’re tackling making elements easier to align, and making sure they stay aligned across screen sizes.
It’s one of those problems that seems simple but the solution is surprisingly complex. We’re experimenting with different approaches to make sure that it solves for the most common pain points.

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Is there any update about this request? This is something really needed. Arranging components in a page is currently a pain. Layouts help, but it’s not enough.
I’d say that adding a background grid at least would help a lot. The request mentioned in this topic would make sense too.

I’ll leave updates to the product team, but in the meantime here are my tricks for resizing:

  1. Add a spacer below both elements (bar charts) and bring the element I want to align all the way down and when the spacer starts moving, I know it’s aligned.

spacer trick

  1. There is an auto-resize element option and I’ve found this works well for aligning one element to another (get’s a little funky if you have a row of 3+ elements)
    atuo resize


This feature is more of a nice to have, but definitely something that I can get behind.

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