Auto-Populating Parameters on Dashboard

Is there any way to have parameters automatically populate with values of a column without manually adding them? I’m using this parameter as a filter on a dashboard for specific categories in one column, but there are thousands of values and it would take me quite a long time to type all these out.

Hey Zachary!

Yes we do have a workaround for this! I will post the workflow below on how to get this set-up.

Dashboard controls allow users to have an “empty” state. When in the empty state, the worksheet parameter is evaluated with the default value for the parameter. If you set up the filter equation in the worksheet to have the default be an “all” condition, you can have an “all” value.

Set up the Worksheet

  1. Set up a parameter ‘[Parameter]’ with text input and left the default blank.
  2. Set up a test column ‘[Test Column]’ with this formula If([Parameter] = “”, [Column], Contains([Parameter],[Column]), [Column], Null)
  3. Filter the test column to exclude nulls.

Set up the Dashboard

  1. Add visualization to your dashboard
  2. Create new dashboard control for the parameter from the visualization menu
  3. Source the dashboard control list values from [Test Column]
  4. All the values are listed, and the values are filtered when a single value is selected