Bar Chart - display top 10-15 in view by default but provide ability to scroll

  • Describe Feature
    Let’s say I create a horizontal bar chart with dimension on y-axis and value on x-axis, and the dimension has 1000 options. By default, Sigma will attempt to show all 1000 options in the data element box, which makes each option microscopic. Example (client names are grayed out):

You can add a Top N filter to show only the Top 15 in the data element for example, but then you can’t see any of the other options. What would be nice is if by default, Sigma only shows the top 10-15 but then you can scroll down the bar chart to see further options. Similar to how a table scroll works.

  • What is the use case?
    Seems to be just when we use bar charts (either vertical or horizontal), but we like to show horizontal bar charts by a bunch of different dimensions. To show which dimensions have highest volumes.

  • How often would this feature be used?
    Most workbooks that we create

  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
    We can use top N filters, or tables, to get the data across, but I think there is high value in showing this data via bar charts


+1 for scrolling in elements! Especially when you’re building something with a drill down, I want to make sure my end users can read the text and have all the bars they want :bar_chart:


+1 to add this feature. It’d be really helpful to have the scrolling ability on bar charts with tons of data.

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+1 to add this! Necessary for long product lists.

Chiming in with another “YES, PLEASE!” for this feature.

+1 from our team as well!

yes please! I would use this


Anecdotal evidence in support:

  • Since switching to Sigma, I’ve been asked by every explorer user about this problem.
  • In every company that I’ve worked, bar charts have been the main staple

Use case appeal:
In my experience, Bar charts are the second most used visualization type, second only to text tables (which arguably isn’t a true visualization). However, a core table stake functionality for bar charts is legibility. My opinion is that this is something that Sigma must address as the lack of legibility forces users to either create awkward filters or avoid using bar charts altogether.

Granted that there are occasional use cases for the occasional “10,000 ft view”, which prioritizes generality over details, but those are for executive type audiences, whereas typically for every 1 executive, you may have 10-20 more line level audience members that can benefit from being able to see things in a more granular fashion.

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