Best Formats for Distribution Plots


I am a big fan of using distribution plots to get a broad first look of the data. I was wondering what would be the best way to get a nice looking distribution plot as a visualization in Sigma.

As an example, I work with email customer retention, and I wanted to make a plot to observe:

Of the customers who opened a given email, what are those customer’s personal open rates? Is 90% of the opens from customers who just always open all of our emails, or is it lots of random customers who each open ~10% of our emails here and there?

My first instinct was to make a Vertical Bar Chart and bucket customer email open rates into 10% buckets, but I am wondering if anyone else has been making distribution plots or if there is a better way to visualize this?

Thank you!

Hey @nickmartin

The vertical Bar Chart is probably one of the most common visualizations to show a distribution across some dimension. You could experiment also with a scatter plot so that you can quickly observe the clustering effect with respect to the bin/bucket on the axis.