Calculations in Table

I have a Row with Region Names, and it’s a quarterly percentage of value for Year 2020.

How do I calculate the Grand Total Percentage and the Variance (Difference in the percentage values of the two quarters) as shown in the below table (This Table was created in Excel for Reference)?


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Hey @arathi!

If you are using a table in Sigma then you can recreate these columns in your worksheet and then add it to the table. Unfortunately, if you use a table there is no way to add a total bar at the bottom, you would have to use a pivot table if you would like to do this!

Hi @Ryan
Can you please elaborate the steps to be followed to do the same in a pivot table.
When tried choosing the show totals in the pivot table, it sums up the percentage values which is incorrect.
Also, please share the steps for calculating the variance.
Below is the replication of above table in sigma

Oh yes, you are actually correct – totals for percentages do not work the way most users expect it to for percentages. We have a feature request open for this to work the way you would like it to, I will be sure to add your name to the ticket! For your variance, you will first have to make this column in your worksheet and then add it to your pivot table. I made an example in the screenshot below!