Can Sigma allows connect to AWS S3 + Glue catalog or Athena?

It seems that Sigma can only allows connection to data warehouses, like Redshift, BigQuery etc.

My company does not have a data warehouse. We use AWS S3 + Glue and Athena. How can we still connect our data lake to Sigma?

Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in integrating Sigma with AWS services like S3, Glue catalog, and Athena. I appreciate your input and understand the value of such integration.
I’ve looked into this for you, and unfortunately, at the moment, Sigma doesn’t have the capability to connect directly with AWS S3, Glue catalog, or Athena. However, I’ve taken note of your request and added it to our feature suggestions list. Our team is constantly working on improving Sigma’s capabilities and expanding its integrations, so your feedback is highly valuable in guiding our development priorities.
In the meantime, I recommend keeping an eye on our “What’s New” section for any updates on upcoming Sigma features. We’re committed to delivering a robust and versatile product, and your input helps us make it even better.


While serverless Athena is not currently supported, it is possible to access data stored in S3 using Redshift Spectrum external tables.


Thanks to both for the answers.

We are using dbt to do transformation on our S3+glue data, and create dbt models.

May i know if that then allows us to connect to our data?

Sigma requires a warehouse to perform the computation (e.g. execute queries). For example we have customers using Sigma with Redshift to access s3 data. As I understand it, Athena provides a “serverless” means of connecting to your data, but Sigma does not currently support connections to Athena.

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