Case-Insensitive Sorting Toggle

1. What is the feature or feature enhancement?
Ability to toggle off (and back on) case-sensitive sorting on a text field. Currently, the values “Foo”, “Bar”, “fizz”, and “buzz” would be sorted as:

  1. Bar
  2. Foo
  3. buzz
  4. fizz

When, with this feature implemented, the list could be sorted as:

  1. Bar
  2. buzz
  3. fizz
  4. Foo

2. Why would this be useful to you and your team?
Some text fields benefit from the display of both upper- and lower-case values, but are conceptually assumed to be sorted without regard to the case of their first letter. The ability to set case-insensitive sorting as the default for a workbook (or as the default across all workbooks) would eliminate the need to create another column which converts case and explain to stakeholders to sort on that column.

3. How often would you use or currently use such a feature?
If possible to set as the default across all workbooks, myself and the stakeholders I work with would nearly exclusively use this sorting method.

4. What impact would such feature have on your organization?
Stakeholders I work with who advocate for the benefits of Sigma usage within our org communicated to me that this unexpected method of sorting decreased their confidence in Sigma as a data visualization tool and the data presented within it. With this toggle, those users would have their trust restored in the data and be even more likely to continue advocating for Sigma within our org.

@cjs Thank you for the feature request! You can always use Lower to make everything lower case, but I understand your point that mixed case makes things more readable.
Right now, we return sort based on how the database interprets sort, and there has been internal debate on whether we should step in and change that.

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