Click Chart To Filter

If you want to be able to apply a dashboard filter by clicking on a chart, follow these steps:

1. Create an input control, that will highlight a target chart A (set the target to chart A and the Action = Highlight). You can make that input control invisible, if you like, by setting its location to the Control Bar of the dashboard.

This will not only create a listbox that will highlight an item in the chart, but will also has the effect of setting the listbox value by clicking on that chart.

2. Now add chart B as another target to that input control, then set that target to filter.

Now, when you click on a column in chart A, it will filter chart B by that column.

More details here:


I am able to get a Highlight filter action to work from a Map Viz when I use Region/US State and it works great to filter another table I have. The problem is I want to be able to do this same Highlight filter but from a Map that uses Lat/Long for plotting. When I try this I get the option to create a Highlight, but the control it creates does not include the Highlight. When I try to add that as an action the Highlight selection is greyed out.

Is it only possible to do this Highlight Filter Action from a map that uses Region/US State?