Click to Filter Other Objects

In Sigma, clicking a particular visualization object doesn’t really do much other than fade other objects within the visualization (i.e. one bar vis another within the same visualization). Other products have features where you can tie visualizations with common attributes together and then selecting one can have impacts upon the other.

For instance if I have a two graphs, one which is sales by territory and one is sales by product line and blind them both together. I would be able to click on the “Northwest” territory and have the other highlight which part of each product line came from that territory. Likewise if I have nothing selected I could select “Widgets” and each territory would highlight what part of their overall sales were Widgets. If I had a single-value card with “Order Count” there I could tie that together as well and clicking Widgets could filter that card from 1000 orders to 200 or something where the filter conditions are easily visible and cumulative.

We’d use this in nearly everything we created in Sigma. It would allow a level of analysis and insight that existing drill paths or selectors either don’t offer or are too challenging/clunky to give to some users.