Conditional Format - Can't select multiple Columns

Hello, I have a few pivot tables in use where I can select multiple columns to apply conditional formatting, but a new table I created today will not allow me to select multiple columns. There are 12 columns in this pivot, and the “Apply to” field only lets me choose the currently selected column or “All Columns”. When I choose “All Columns”, the rule does not work on any column. Any ideas why?

Hey there! I’d like to reproduce your pivot table’s structure on my end to see if I can replicate this. Would you mind please sharing a screenshot showing your pivot table’s Element Properties, like so:

Alternatively you can open up a Live Chat from within the Sigma app and we can troubleshoot further privately!

We solved this! The root cause was because the pivot table was only populated in the VALUES section:

This caused our Conditional Format setting not to recognize that it could apply formatting to the VALUES columns:

But there is a way to trick it into recognizing them and applying the formatting! By temporarily setting a column in the PIVOT COLUMNS, in this case [Store Region]. This allows the VALUES columns to be selected inside the Conditional Format rule:

Once the rule has been created, the temporary column can be removed from the PIVOT COLUMNS and the Conditional Format will still be applied to the VALUES:

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Excellent work, thanks again for the help!