Content (reports & dashboards) manager

Hi all,
Looking for a solution for creating a content management / landing page, for reports and dashboards.
Should include: report name , link to report, tags, additional free text.
Thank you for sharing

Hi @GuyRon,

There isn’t a current, built-in, way to display this kind of information (I know they’re working on an option to customize the home page though!).

My suggestion would be to create a master workbook and use buttons to hyperlink out to different workbooks.

There are many embedding options with Sigma if you already have a central spot in your organization.


Thanks Katrina
thanks for your reply, I will try that.

@GuyRon @data_katrina

Could this now be accomplished with an Input Table? It won’t be an elegant automatic solution, but I believe you can add URLs into cell values.

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Yup! You could use an input table. There aren’t as many sizing options available in an input table (like showing wrapped text), but if you only need a list that’s a great option - plus it’ll be easier to show in multiple workbooks