Create a bar chart where each bar represents a separate table column

Does anyone have an idea on how to create a bar chart where “First” “Second” and “Third” are the categories for each bar (Axis). And the Values is the count of Trues in that category?

Hey Darien,

We don’t quite have an easy work through for this use case but you can create a hacky bar chart using these steps:

  1. add a total column for ‘axis’ whose formula will be an empty string. You can add a space bar in between two quotes for this i.e. " "
  2. Add 3 total columns for each of the columns you have and use the “CountIf()” formula to count the values that are “True”. CountIf([First])
  3. Put the empty string column on the axis shelf, and the 3 “CountIf()” columns on the values shelf.