Custom Plugins - ideas, tips and tricks?

Hey all -

I am wondering if anyone has created their own custom Plugins. I’d love to discuss different ways in which folks have used them, effort, complexity, etc.

I am just starting to look at the possibility of adding plugins, so any pointers or intel on what can (or cannot) be accomplished would be welcome!


Added Custom-Plugins

Hey Sven, these are some excellent questions!

When it comes to Custom Plugins, the possibilities are nearly endless. The plugin architecture essentially allows you to easily pass your modeled Sigma data into a code deployment of your own creation and seamlessly embed that code as an element in your workbooks. The only restriction is that each plugin can only have one data source in Sigma, like any other chart element.

Combined with the power of Javascript and the React framework, you can build an application and feed your Sigma data into it. Most often, we see users create new chart types to visualize their data but there are many other ways that they could be utilized. The sample plugin repo on Github contains some excellent examples to illustrate the breadth of the use cases that you can solve for.

In my own experimentation, I’ve created a Gantt chart plugin, a Candlestick chart plugin, and even an IDE for writing Python Code natively in Sigma. These use cases barely scratch the surface of what can be achieved, but I’d recommend reading through the ‘Get Started with Custom Plugins’ documentation to get a better sense of how to begin.

I’m happy to keep the conversation going if you have specific questions, or any requests for content! This would be an excellent topic for me to cover in an upcoming how-to video.

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