Customize the security experience before roll out of Annotated Screenshots

Are you ready to take collaboration to the next level? Starting August 30th, 2023 users can attach annotated screenshots to workbook comments, helping add context to your data discussions.

Elevate Collaboration with Annotated Screenshots: At the heart of innovation lies the power to amplify collaboration. This feature adds depth, context, and clarity to your discussions. Directly share exactly what you are looking at in a workbook, conveying your insights, feedback, and data discoveries with vivid visual highlights.

Your Role in Crafting Security: Admins, please ensure this journey aligns seamlessly with your organization’s security roadmap. The ability to fine tune controls or opt-out of this feature is available in the Admin portal now. By default, all organization users with Explore capabilities will get access to this feature August 30, 2023.

Uncompromised Security Measures: Your security is our utmost priority. We’ve taken stringent measures to ensure your data remains private and always safeguarded.

Data Encryption: Every annotated image you post in comments is securely encrypted in cloud storage on Sigma’s server with an organization-specific encryption key. Access to the encrypted images is meticulously protected by robust IAM policies. Your data is encrypted during transit via TLS, offering additional protection.

Retention Period Control: We understand that data retention requirements can vary. By default, annotated images will be retained for 90 days. However, administrators can adjust this retention period from one day to two years according to your organization’s needs.

User-Centric Control: We recognize that different organizations have diverse security standards. Hence, administrators can turn off the annotation feature entirely if it doesn’t align with your organization’s security policies. If you choose to do so, take action before August 30th to prevent your users from ever having access.

Taking Charge: We invite all administrators to take the reins today by logging into the admin panel. Customize the feature settings to align with your organization’s collaborative aspirations and security prerequisites. Your proactive involvement will create a smooth and rewarding experience once the feature is live.

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