Dashboard Date Filter From Base Columns

I am trying to add a date range filter on my dashboard but my Timestamp column is in my base level so I can’t create a date filter. Is there any way to do this without moving up my Timestamp to a higher level?

Hey Zach!

This is possible through Parameters! You can use Parameters at any level of aggregation and they will still be able to work on your dashboards. There are four steps on how to create this date range using Parameters.

  1. Create two date type Parameters, one titled “Start Date” the other one titled “End Date”.
  2. Add a new column and use this formula in the formula bar:
    If([Target Date] >= [Start Date] and [Target Date] <= [End Date], True, False)
  3. Filter your new column to only true values.
  4. Add this parameter to your dashboard!

Hope this helps,