Dashboard Dividers

Hi Team,

When I try to place the dividers in my dashboard they are not uniform.
Some seem to be bold and greenish and the other are not that thick and black.
Can you tell me any workaround for this?

I am trying to create something like what is shown in the below image.

Hi Arathi,

I am not able to duplicate this issue. The divider color should follow the dashboard’s theme color selection.
A few questions:

  1. Do you observe the same phenomenon in a different browser?
  2. Do other users see the same issue if you share the dashboard with them?
  3. What is the color theme being used?
  4. Can you list the types of elements used in your dashboard in the exact order so we can try to replicate this issue?


  1. In browsers other than chrome the dividers are the same but the Visualizations and Images I put are not visible, and I am not able to edit those in other browsers.

  2. Other users see the same issue in Chrome, but the positions of the green dividers are different to what I see.

  3. Color theme is Light

  4. Elements Used are:
    Image | Single Value Visualization | Medium Heading Text box

These elements are repeated in order to create a type of index. As shown in the second image in the original post.

@arathi - thank you! This looks like a bug. I have created a bug internally on your behalf.

@arathi - Could you also tell us if you experience this on a laptop screen or a monitor and what OS are you observing this on?

I am using a Laptop with Windows 10. Not sure about the Monitor and Other OS.

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Thanks @arathi! We are looking into this.

Hi @arathi - This issue should now be resolved. It was a minor bug on our end specifically on Windows.
Let us know if it’s working correctly for you.