Dashboard PDF Layout Issue

Hi Team,

I am having an issue with the layout for dashboard PDF. When I am having the layout as landscape my graphs are properly visible. But when I change it to portrait mode the graphs and specially the tables are distorted or incomplete. Is there any workaround for this?

Hello, Aishwary,

Sorry this is happening. Please reach out to us via a chat or a ticket and include a screenshot, and we can take it from there.


So the Below Image shows the PDF in Landscape mode and it looks fine.

The Image Below shows the Same Dashboard in Portrait PDF and you can see the elements are not visible properly.

The screenshots I have attached are just for one of the sections I have in the dashboard. I am facing a similar issue in other sections also.

Hi Team,

Any Updates on this?

Hello, Aishwary,

Sorry for the delay. If the dashboard is formatted for the screen, it works best of you export it to a PDF in the landscape mode, which is somewhat similar to the screen layout.

I will add this as a feature request for you.


Hello, Aishwary, I think the central issue is the way Sigma pivots auto-size, i.e. when sigma pivots fill all available horizontal space on the dashboard (or in an exported PDF), and when they don’t.

When you first create a pivot table in the worksheet, it is initially set to auto-size width. Meaning that, once you put that pivot into a dashboard, it will take up the entire horizontal space within the dashboard section. Once you export that dashboard to a PDF, it will attempt to horizontally scale to fit into the PDF, no matter what paper size and layout you select. All good so far (see below):

Now, here is the rub. If you manually adjust a column width of any column in the pivot by dragging its border with the mouse, that makes all the column widths in the entire pivot permanent, and the pivot loses its ability for the horizontal autosize in the dashboard or the PDF.

To go back to the auto-size, reset column width to default by double-clicking on the top of the border between columns.

Now, specifically for PDF exports, you also need to remember that the portrait renders at ~1100px wide before export, and landscape at ~1400px wide, so that might impose some additional constraints on exporting very densely populated dashboards.