Deployment process - DEV to PROD for workbooks and datasets

The DEV to PROD process will depend on how your current DEV and PROD CDW environment is segregated. It will also depend on whether or not you use workspaces (which manage permissions at the workspace level, instead of at the individual document level). Here are some general steps:

When deploying a workbook from DEV to PROD, you would:
1. Take a backup of your current PROD workbook, also write down all recurring schedules
2. Duplicate the new, DEV version of the workbook, then change its sources
3. Share the the new version, unshare the old version (by either sharing or moving into the workspace)
4. Re-create all recurring schedules
5. Unshare the old PROD workbook, remove its recurring schedules

You can use a similar process for deploying datasets.