Developer-friendly workflows

  • Describe Feature
    Some kind of reusable/programatic way to create and interact with elements. Either

    1. an API to interact with data elements
    2. dashboards-as-code feature, as an alternative to point and click workflows
  • What is the use case?

    • We have to make dozens of dashboards that all follow the same template, but with different input datasets and filters to apply. Right now that means a lot of clicking
    • We have production dashboards that would be easier to version-control/manage/recover with a code-based definition
    • We want to re-use sub-components across workbooks
    • [stretch] Sigma could use something like this to build a Tableau or Looker “translator” to enable migration of existing dashboards onto the platform
  • How often would this feature be used?

    • Once every few months for large-scale (dozens of dashboards) projects, but much more regularly if we built a production workflow around programmatic interaction with dashboards
  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization?

    • Time saved recreating near-duplicate dashboards and components
    • More reliable, dev-ops compliant dashboard management

Hey @catherine.kerner
We’re working on making Dev to Prod workflows easier and better, and some of what you are asking for here seems to relate to your work.

Right now, the best path for you would likely be Templates and using the new Data Swap feature. My understanding is that you’ve been using at least templates, and maybe data swap, but it’s still too many UI clicks. Is that right?

Yes - also once things are created, the task of updating a dashboard element across template-generated dashboards is also a lot of clicks and linear with the number of dashboards