Dilemma results from NULL


Is there a dashboard-level solution to deal with NULL in filters? I want to see all data including NULL when emptying a filter and see the selected data excluding NULL when selecting something in a filter.

The following illustrates what I did and the problems encountered.

I created a pivot table based on a dataset as the following screenshot.

I added it on a dashboard and created a filter of “market” with enabling “include Nulls”. I got the correct total number emptying the filter while I got extra data of NULL selecting “UK” in the filter.

I modified the filter and disabled “include Nulls”. I got the correct number selecting “UK” in the filter. However, I lost data of NULL when emptying the filter.

Hey Hugo,

Ah I see what you are saying — currently this you are not able to do this with dashboard filters. Our team has a ticket open to improve Nulls on dashboards in this way and others. I’ll add your name to the feature request and open up a ticket so you can track the progress!

Hi Ryan,

Appreciate it! When will your team plan to finish this ticket?

I am really looking forward to the improvement of filtering NULL. Please add me in the request.


Hey Hugo,

I believe you already have a request out there – it is ticket #1477!

All the best,


Hi Ryan,

Thank you for telling me about the ticket. It has been open for 3 months. Just wondering when it will be done.


Hey Hugo,

Our engineering team plans to address this feature request sometime within Q1!

All the best,


Hi Ryan, Appreciate it!

Hey Hugo,

I wanted to let you know that our team escalated this ticket – so they should start working on it sooner rather than later!

Hi Ryan,

Many thanks. I really need it to release my life from complicated and inefficient workaround.

Hi Dyan,

It’s almost the end of Q1. Any good news from your engineering team?

Many thanks,

@Hugo - We are still on track to deliver this in Q1 (April).

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Hi @darien and @Ryan,

I find something new on Sigma dashboard controls today. Text and Logic filters support “Add Nulls as an Option” so that users can filter NULL values as needed. Thanks for the effort of your team.

Is it possible doing the same thing with Date and Number filters? We do have similar requirements for all data types.

@Hugo - The same feature works for dates and numbers as long as the control type is a list and not ranges.
Happy it’s working for you.

Hi Darien,

Thank you for the explaining. What’s your suggestion if I want to do the same with ranges?

For example, there are 4 rows with the following dates. I expect to see 4 records if the date filter is not set and see 2 if the date filter is on or after 2021-04-10.

  • 2021-04-09
  • 2021-04-11
  • 2021-04-13
  • NULL