Documentation in folder view

Describe feature:

Have the ability to add documentation into the folder space below the object list. Similar to the way Github does with a file in code projects.

Use case:

Direct way of telling the users what this folder contains. Also helps the developer/admin remember what is in each folder.

How often:
Every folder

Better documentation

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Love this idea Eric! Ive created a feature request on your behalf for it where i included your thoughts on a readme type file as well as the idea of just an editable section (would be better for API users to read / alter this way if it was part of the folder element itself). I also expanded this request to potentially include workspaces aspect as well since they are similar functionality of storing multiple documents. You should be getting an email confirming the ticket as well.


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Yasssssss! I have the same thoughts! Would love to be able to see previews or a “tool tip”/hover over description that helps folks get a better idea of the content of the artifact.