Drilldowns for Y-Axis

  • Describe Feature
    Sigma’s Drilldown item is a wonderful UI for letting the user select the dimension of the x-axis. A similar option for the y-axis would be wonderful to have, as well.

  • What is the use case?
    We have a large number of line graphs with date along the x-axis. We are currently using a parameter called “Slice By” (along with the Switch function) to let the user select the breakout of the lines into various dimensions along the y-axis. Having a Drilldown for the y-axis would make this far more elegant.

  • How often would this feature be used?
    Just about every day.

  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
    This would be used on probably 75% of our current and future dashboards.

Ooooo, do you mean a drill-down option that makes it easier to go from the Year of Date viz to the Year by Region viz? :thinking:

Yes! I mean exactly that.

And using your screenshot as an example, it would also allow for Product Family and Product Type if so desired.

Love it! Ya I love the built-in drill down, I think the UI helps folks understand what they’re looking at. The parameter is good, but I think the drill down would be even better!

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