Duplicate Synced Controls with Syncing Intact

  • Describe Feature
    Add an option to allow for synced controls to be copied/duplicated with syncing intact.

  • What is the use case?
    Many of our reports/dashboards are made up of multiple pages that are duplicates but filtered to different products, regions, etc. However, certain filters, such as date filters, need to be synched across each of these pages. We can build the page once and then duplicate to keep from having to re-create each element, except for the filters we want to sync. For each of those filters, we then have to individually create a number of synched copies equal to the number of pages, move then to the correct page and then to the correct location.

  • How often would this feature be used?
    Almost every time a new report or dashboard is created, which is almost daily at this point.

  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
    Significant time savings. We regularly create reports with 5 or more pages (tabs). It takes me about 5 mins per synced control to copy, move it to the correct page and then “pretty” everything up that has to be moved around. That’s about 25 to 30 mins per report that I would be saving.


Opened this exact request with Sigma 5 months ago - Request ID #8500


Added controls

Thanks for your product request! We appreciate your valuable input, and our team is currently reviewing it during the triage stage. I have added your organization to the interested party. Rest assured; we’re dedicated to considering all suggestions seriously. Stay tuned for updates!

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