Duplicating Synced Copy of Control doesn't maintain Targets or Sync

I am trying to create synced copies of a set of three controls grouped in a section on the front page of my workbook. These controls affect the presentation of the other eleven pages in the workbook and I would like to add the synced copies to all the other pages so users do not need to jump back and forth to change the control values.

I thought that if I created a new section on the front page with synced copies of the original controls that I would be able to duplicate this section and move to all the other pages and have them all be synced, but apparently duplicating the synced copies just creates a new set of controls with no targets or sync relationship.

I could repeat the first steps above and create ten more synced copies one-by-one, but that is tedious and it would be much better if I could just copy-and-paste the section with the synced copies and have them all be synced.

Is this operating as intended? It seems counter-intuitive to me.

Hey @zwhitcomb - if you duplicate a section…

it’s the same as creating a duplicate at the filter control element level

And a duplicate is just a copy of a filter and has a different control id (Sigma auto-adds numbers to the end of the control ID). A synced control is like a window back to the original control and will mirror changes made to each other.

You can create a synced copy from the more menu on a filter (image ) or in the synced copies section you highlighted. There is, currently, no way to use any of the duplicate options to create additional synced controls.

@wstrouse wrote a great blog if you wanna check out more info: How to Use Synced & Required Controls in Sigma Computing | phData

LMK if you have any more questions!

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