🚀 Elevate Your Data Analysis Skills: Check Out the Sigma Virtual Event!

Have you ever struggled with complex data filtering, “this but not that” patterns, or mismatched data structures? Imagine conquering these challenges effortlessly. At our upcoming virtual Sigma User Meetup, our community champion, @data_katrina, will unveil the power of “Hybrid Filtering” with Sigma!

:bulb: What to Expect:

  • Demystifying “This but Not That” Filtering
  • Practical Applications for Your Organization
  • Live Demo Finding Spotify Playlists :musical_note:

Take advantage of this opportunity to streamline your data analysis.

Thank you @data_katrina for sharing your knowledge!!

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Recording of the event for your reference:

Passcode: S?GYXb5!

Reference to follow along:

Spotify data: Spotify Top Hit Playlist (2010-2022) | Kaggle

Q: Is there a way to accomplish and with multiselect?
A: As Katrina answered live (00:33:38 to 00:34:44), this cannot be accomplished out-of-the-box, using UI techniques like this is smoother.

Q: If we were to deconstruct this with a SQL mindset, are your lists basically Common Table Expressions (CTEs) that you are joining together with later criteria (exlcude, include)?
A: Katrina started answering live from 00:35:08 to 00:36:45.

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