Enable join on FIPS code for mapping by county

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Creating county level area maps in Sigma currently relies on matching on the text name of the county and the full name of the state. This causes a number of problems:

  • Relies on the name format in the source data to match the format in Sigma’s JSON file. This is often not true. For example, my source has ST MARY, LOUISIANA, but in the JSON file it is ST. MARY, LOUISIANA. Similarly, in my source counties that are also cities, such as Baltimore, have CITY as part of the name, but that’s not the case in Sigma’s county names

  • Almost always requires creating a new field to concatenate county name and full state name.

Solution: offer the option to join on the FIPS code, which contains unambiguous state and county designations, and is already part of the Sigma JSON file.

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Creating county level area maps in the US

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Reduced time spent cleaning/reformatting data

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Thanks for suggesting this, Vince.

In the meantime, you can use a Sigma Lookup to pull in formatted county names via FIPS from the Sigma mapping file (attached). You can then map those county names and be sure they’re correctly formatted for Sigma’s map visualizations.

Sigma US Counties.csv (214.9 KB)

Thanks Michael! Very helpful to have the lookup table.