Error when dragging geojson field into map plot

At times we get an error on the Sigma visualization map when dragging a geojson column to the Visualization plot area.


The geojson value has been confirmed to be valid using other tools. Why is Sigma running into an error?

This happens at times due to the way Sigma today parses the GEOJSON blob.
Sigma expects the top level key in the JSON to be “geometry”.
If “geometry” is nested in a JSON record or array then you would run into the error above. The good news is that our team is working on a better parsing logic to avoid such cases. Furthermore it is easy to workaround such issue in Sigma.

Simply right-click on the geojson column.
Click on “Extract columns”
Select the key which contains the “geometry” key.
A new column will appear on the worksheet which can be used as an input to the map visualization plot.