🚀 Exciting Product Updates from Sigma!

We’re thrilled to introduce three powerful features that elevate your analytics experience: Metrics, Custom Homepage, and Enhanced Bookmarks Functionality.

1. Metrics

Simplify Data Analysis and Standardize Definitions with Metrics: Metrics serve as a single source of truth, ensuring consistent interpretations across the organization. For instance, the term “engaged user” can vary significantly in meaning, but metrics allow for creating a universal definition. Sigma’s new feature streamlines metric creation by enabling users to define metrics with simple formulas, aided by auto-complete, in-product documentation, and field coloring. It accommodates mathematical, conditional, and aggregate functions and provides optional descriptions and formats for clarity. Editing metrics will maintain existing workbooks, and once created, metrics seamlessly integrate, complete with detailed definitions and formulas displayed on hover. Users can drag metrics directly into tables, pivot tables, or charts, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Metrics can be a starting point for custom analyses, enhancing data-driven decision-making.

2. Custom Homepage

Tailored Analytics Experience Sigma Admins can now designate custom homepages for different teams across their organizations. This feature serves as a landing page, allowing you to educate users about workbooks, link to content, and guide them to internal experts and resources. It’s like an internal wiki for your Sigma analytics, and you can embed KPIs, visualizations, media, links, and more. Custom home pages are accessible under the “For you” section, offering a personalized user experience. Now, the “Teams Selector” is scrollable, making navigation smoother.**

3. Enhanced Bookmarks Functionality: Boost Your Productivity

Tired of losing your workbook customizations? Say hello to Sigma’s enhanced bookmarks functionality. Save your filter selections, create default views, and preserve those valuable ad-hoc insights for future use. Now, you can effortlessly share specific insights with your team using URL links, making collaboration a breeze. This feature will enhance your exploration, efficiency, and collaboration.

These features are now available to all Sigma users. We encourage you to explore them and start defining your organization’s critical KPIs with ease. For more details, check out our documentation (Create and Manage Metrics, Custom Homepage, and Bookmarks)

We’re committed to continuously improving Sigma, and your feedback on these new features will be invaluable in shaping their future. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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The demo of bookmarks feature can be seen at the What’s New webinar recording.