🎉 Feature Upgrade - Trellis Charts!

We are upgrading the Trellis Chart!

We are very excited to announce that we have a ton of new improvements coming to Sigma’s Trellis chart option! Updates coming on Nov 1st

What is Trellis

Trellising allows users to add one or two ordinal dimensions to existing charts by replicating the chart in these dimensions. It enables users to extract specific data from the chart and create as many small charts as they have data points.

Ex: Suppose you have a bar chart showing the revenue for each quarter. To track the results of each sales region independently, you can create separate charts and filter them by teams. In such cases, when a new sales region is added, you need to manually add a new chart. However, when you trellis by sales region, the bar chart of revenue per quarter is automatically duplicated for each region.

What’s New?

Sigma already supports Trellis charts but as we grow and our customers’ data grows we needed to upgrade the charts capabilities to keep up with the use cases for this chart. Below are a few of the fixes that we have implemented with this upgrade.

  • Trellised charts will no longer crash or appear empty when they contain “too much” data.
  • Moving forward, trellis columns or trellis rows will occupy the entire horizontal or vertical space; trellised charts will no longer appear squeezed to one side.
  • Certain tooltip issues will be addressed (ex: in some cases, trellis tooltips displayed unrelated data).
  • Trellised charts will now have scrollable legends, similar to regular charts.
  • Trellised charts become scrollable; for example, if a chart doesn’t fit on the page, it will be scrollable.
  • Trellis charts will no longer have a border around each chart.
  • The minimum size of a trellis chart tile is now larger in order to be more readable, accommodate labels, and space out the data.

When will I see this upgrade?

On November 1st your organization will automatically be upgraded to the new Trellis behavior. If you currently have existing Trellis charts on your workbooks they will also get the upgrade applied automatically.

Please let your Customer Success Manager know if you would like to have the new Trellis upgrade sooner than November 1st and we will be happy to accommodate!

If you have signed up for Sigma after October 4th, 2023, then you will already have this new version of the Trellis chart with no action required.

What are some changes to look out for?

Below are some of the improvements and changes to look out for:

Old: bottom of chart cut off, legend cut off, border around each chart

New: chart no longer cut off, legend title automatically hidden, legend no longer cut off, no borders around each chart

Old: border around charts, column title shifted to the right, legend is enabled but cannot be seen when scrolling is needed

New: Larger tile sizes, title centered, legend shown

Old: Overlapping labels, cutoff legend, no scroll

New: Larger tiles improve spacing and labeling, legend fully shown, scrolling introduced


So excited to see this as I use these quite a bit!

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Here is the doc for Trellis Charts: Create and format trellis charts

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Just to let you know there appears to be an issue with the documentation for trellis charts as I’m getting an “oops” message.

Hi @Aileen,
The doc link is working for me. Can you please try again? Perhaps try clearing the cliche from the browser first. If you continue having an issue, please DM me with your browser info or contact your IT?