Filling in Missing Days per Grouping Level

I have this worksheet where I have revenue per customer for a certain amount of days – the problem is that I don’t have any way of showing the days where we are not making revenue for a customer. Is there any way for me to fill in the missing days per customer?

Hey Zachary!

This is possible, but it is a little tricky and we will have to do some work in SQL Runner – I’ll add the steps below.

Step 1: Create a dataset with your set of Days that you would like to add.
Step 2: Create a dataset with the distinct values that you are grouping by, in your case it will be your “Customer ID”.
Step 3: In SQL Runner you will need to cross join the two new datasets and create a new dataset from this.
Step 4: Do a full outer join on the with your current worksheet and the new dataset. The Customer ID and your date will be your join keys.

This is similar to this Community post except this is how you would do it without grouping keys.