Filter across Pages in a workbook

New to this community! I searched this topic, but if this is a duplicate post feel free to refer me back to the original thread.

Here is my use case and what I’m looking to do:

  • I have a workbook with 2 pages: one high level “graphs” page (page 1) and second a details “tables” page (page 2).
  • All elements across both pages are built of the same table.
  • I built page 1 first, secondly the tables on page 2. My page 1 filters work great, and when I apply a filter, the tables on page 2 are filtered as expected.
  • Now I would like to add those same filters to Page 2 so that my users once landed on page 2 can stay there and explore the data as needed. I would expect that the page 2 control element from the same source would show the same selection. And it does, but it is limited to only the value that has been selected on page 1. You can’t seem to clear the selection without going back to page 1.
  • My assumption was that this might be because page 2 filter is dependent on page 1 filter, so I tried going to page 1, duplicating the filter, and then selecting “move” to page 2, but the functionality remained the same.

I would expect that users regardless of whether they are on page 1 or 2 should be able to utilize the same filters, and as they navigate from 1 to the other, and filters selection would “follow” them, without limiting the ability to clear filters. Thoughts? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to achieve this that I’m not seeing?

Here is my workbook lineage. Note that all filters have as Target


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Hey @blake - ya, I’m hoping for some filter improvements too! I created a request post for this feature, feel free to add some comments.

Sigma currently doesn’t offer persistent filters like that, if a filter appears on page 1 you can’t have the same filter/user interaction on page 2. The workaround I found is to have different data sources for page 1 and page 2 so I can have the filter named the same thing, but you have to let your end-user know to reselect the filter.

Another, sort of workaround is to use buttons and parameter filters to pre-populate the filters, but you run into the same problems of once you’re on that sheet you’d have to go back to the first one for the filters.

I’ve kinda settled on trying to create different filters on different pages and longer pages, in general, to help mitigate.


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