Filter results by keywords on an Input Table

I have a simple table that has some data grouped by email addresses, and I would like to filter that table by email address domains that contain one of a pre-determined list of keywords.

Can this be achieved with an input table?

In a snowflake query, I achieved it this way -

where email like ‘%@%car%’
or email like’%@%truck%’
or email like’%@%airplane%

and the results would include emails like and exclude emails like

Hi @DGFCPEuro!

Sigma has an ILike function you could use to recreate this search.

You could create an OR statement with each option:

ILike([Emails], "%@%car%") or ILike([Emails], "%@%truck%") or ILike([Emails], "%@%airplane%")

This looks like it will work well, but I was hoping to use an input table to allow the user to more easily change the list of keywords to look out for