Filter visualization by worksheet base columns

How can I filter a visualization by the worksheet base columns? I do not see any worksheet base columns as options when adding a filter. I can only see the columns that come from levels 1 and 2 on my worksheet.

Unfortunately because our charts on dashboard is evaluated first before the dashboard filters are applied we can only apply filters on columns that are available on the chart. (Same level or above the columns used on the chart.) Note that it’s the way we write the SQL query where we are applying the filters at the end. Think of it as writing an equation. Where you evaluate (1+1) / 2 where (1+1) is the equation for the chart and /2 is the dashboard filters that happen at the very end.

One workaround would be to create parameters on the Worksheet and create filters on those parameters. Then finally create controls that update the parameters on the dashboard.

Please see Apply a dashboard filter to a worksheet Total column for a similar question.

We’re planning to address this to make it better with Notebooks.