'Go To Target' button not working when embedded

We have buttons in a new report that will jump to their targeted section without issue when viewing them in Sigma, but when embedded, nothing happens.

We’re not getting any console errors about iframe security etc from the browser, though I suspect that’s a likely culprit. If this isn’t user error and more of a known limitation, I’m not surprised that these don’t work inside of an iframe. I think the ways you can control the parent page/window are pretty limited within an iframe.

If you guys have suggestions on iframe config tweaks, workarounds, or things we can change in the report, that would be greatly appreciated.

We also have buttons that jump to another page and those work fine embedded.


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Hi Nick,
This should absolutely work, in fact i just tested it out in both a public and user backed embed scenario and they both succeeded. My first hunch is the target may be on a hidden page and is working in sigma in edit mode but not when viewing the published version. Can you confirm this is the case or not by looking at the tabs on the bottom of the workbook and seeing if one has a little :eye: icon?
What type of embedding are you using? Is there version tagging involved?


Thanks Brett,
We tested the same report with a vanilla iframe outside of our app and the jump to anchor buttons do indeed work, so there’s something awry in the main app.

We’ll dig in and see what differences we can spot.

Thanks for the help!

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