Group by multiple columns

Sorry if there’s a better way to do this but I haven’t found it.

What I’d like to do is have my grouping be on multiple columns which I know will be the same due to data modeling considerations. For example let’s say I have two datasources Invoice Header and Invoice Items with a common key.

What I’d like to do is to be able to join those together at a grouped level where we could se a series of detail columns (dates, order number, customer, etc…) and still aggregate up certain numeric fields.
Then a user could drill into the line to see individual line if they need to dig in more.

Is there a clever way to do this? I can create grouping levels one column at a time with all the other data but that’s frankly pretty messy and definitely doesn’t come out cleanly. With the multiple drill-buttons I could see users getting confused.

Any thoughts?

Hi @aingold - I’m not sure I’m understanding the question correctly but I’ll do my best, let me know if this helps!

Multi-level grouping can be done at two individual grouped levels (left) which lets you calculate values at each level and/or you can have multiple columns in a grouping (right). Having multiple columns in a grouping does the same thing as if you concatenate those two fields together.

If you’d like your users to be able to choose what level of detail to view the data at, a Pivot Table might be a better user experience.

You can create joins off of grouped table elements.


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