How to adapt Quarter function for use with a non-standard fiscal calendar

Is there a way to offset the Sigma “quarter” formula to work with our fiscal calendar where fiscal year is different from calendar year?

I ultimately solved this problem by joining a CSV mapping each date of the year to the our fiscal quarters.

I tried using this formula (Our FY starts in February), but January was off because it in 2020 but it’s Q4 2019. I believe you could fix it with “If January, subtract one from the year” but that was getting too complex for me to get it to work.

Concat(Text(DatePart(“year”, [Created Date])), " ", Choose(DatePart(“month”, [Created Date]), “Q4”, “Q1”, “Q1”, “Q1”, “Q2”, “Q2”, “Q2”, “Q3”, “Q3”, “Q3”, “Q4”, “Q4”, “Q4”))

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Thank you Nick! That works great!