How to Build Advanced Pivot Tables with Unions -and- Workaround for Custom Pivot Subtotals

Many executive dashboards include large, complex pivot tables which show a variety of metrics split across multiple periods and categories.

By default, Sigma’s Pivot Tables show every metric split by the same periods and categories.

However, some executive dashboards require that some metrics be split into different periods and categories from the rest.

In this video how-to, I’ll be going over how to accomplish this in Sigma by unioning multiple Pivot Tables together into a single, more complex Pivot Table …

… as well as how to use the same method as a workaround to create custom subtotals on Pivot Tables!

I hope this video helps you fully leverage Sigma’s powerful Pivot Tables!

If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions for future topics, please feel free to comment below!

Thanks for watching, and please join us for more video how-tos!

-Chandler Phelps, Sigma Support


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