How to copy / paste between Workbooks

With Sigma, you can copy and paste elements (like visualizations and tables) between workbooks. Consider the situation where an analyst did a quick analysis and built charts in a workbook called Exploratory Analysis. With the exploratory analysis done the analyst wants the charts from Exploratory Analysis in a production workbook called Overall KPIs. With Sigma, rather than recreating the charts from our Exploratory Analysis workbook, we can simply copy and paste the elements between workbooks.


  1. Go to your “source” workbook and make sure you are in edit mode

  2. Click the “kebab” button on the right size of the element you are interested in copying and click Copy Element

    • You can also select the visualization and click “⌘ C”

  1. Go to your “destination” workbook and make sure you are also in edit mode

  2. select tab/area where you want your chart to be

  3. Right click and select paste element. Your visualization
    should now show up along with any associated underlying data

    • You can also select the visualization and click “⌘ V”


  • If you want to copy an element within a workbook use the duplicate feature (also in the kebab menu) not the copy function
    • The copy/paste functionality copies all the underlying data which will make lineage more complicated within a workbook
  • Table filters will copy over but page controls will not be copied over
  • Currently (4/5/23) you are unable to copy an entire tab
  • You can’t copy and paste between organizations/Sigma instances
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