How to make the most of new workbook layouts

We’re excited to share our new workbook layout in Sigma! Here are some tips and tricks to help organizing different elements within a workbook more accessible.

We can now MULTI select element by pressing and holding the [Command] button on your Mac! To de-select press [Esc] key.

2023-08-16 15.06.24

And once you have multiple elements selected, you can see this auto column or auto row options!
Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 2.52.47 PM Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 2.53.00 PM

I want to align my chart and my table on the right, with Auto Row I can align these element in equal size with a click. First I multi-select with [Command] and then I hover on the upper right and click auto row,

2023-08-16 15.08.09

But looking above, my table on the bottom is is still looking out of place and I would do the same to the table on the top right as well. I simply hover over and double click on the table elements to “close the gap” to the margin.

2023-08-16 15.11.53

Looking better, but what about hat odd space between the bottom table and top? I can hover over the space in between and you can now see a [Trim Space] option between elements.

2023-08-16 15.15.19

Now that my elements are aligned, there is too much space in the bottom of the workbook! We can scroll down to the very bottom, hover over the workbook layout bar (on the left) and reduce the extra space by holding the blue spacer icon and scroll up.

2023-08-16 15.24.37

A few more adjustments on the sizes and this looks much better!

Please let us know of any feedback on the new layout!


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