How to perform a join in Workbooks or Datasets

You can perform several types of joins in Sigma Workbooks and Datasets.

Workbook Joins

Within a workbook, the steps to perform a join are very straightforward:

  1. Add a new table page element to the workbook

  2. Select the source to be New → Join

  3. Follow the prompts to select the first source for the join and which columns from that table we wish to use

  4. Use the “+” button in the top left then follow the prompts to add the second source for the join

  5. Configure the join keys, selecting the column for each table that should be matching and what comparison operator to use (=, <, etc)

  6. Optionally, add another source using the same “+” button to add more nested Joins

  7. Click “Preview Output” in the top right corner to see a visual representation of the Join

  8. Click “Done” in the top right corner!

You now have a table in your workbook with your join!

If you wish to edit the join after the fact, you can edit the join by hovering over the “Element source” option under the 3-dot kebab menu (in the top right corner of the table element) and then clicking on the second (or third, fourth, …) source in the left side panel.

Dataset Joins

To perform a join in a Dataset, you will do the following:

  1. From the Sigma homepage, use the “Create New” button and select “Dataset”

  2. Use the prompts to select what type your first source for your join will be (table, CSV upload, etc), and follow the prompts to select / upload that source.

  3. Click “Get Started” in the top right corner

  4. (This will open a new Dataset with the first source’s contents) Next, we need to navigate to the “Worksheet” tab in the top rail, then the “Sources” icon on the right side, then use the “+” button.

  5. Follow the prompts as before to select the second source for your join

  6. Use the drop down menus to configure the Join type and the keys to be used for the join

  7. Click “Done”

You now have a Dataset you can save and reuse that is the result of the join!

To edit the join after the fact, go to the same Data Sources section we navigated to before (under the stacked cylinder / database icon in the “Worksheet” tab) and use the dropdown menu from the second (or third, fourth, etc) source to edit the Join.

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