How To Schedule an Export When Fresh Data Populates a Table

Ever wanted to schedule an export when fresh data populates a table?

Great news - this can be done with just a few steps:

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have a table with one column that represents a date-time of interest. We’ll call this column [Date] in this example.
  2. Create a helper column with the formula:
    DateTrunc("day", ConvertTimezone([Date], "UTC")) = Today().
    For this example, we’ll call this column [Date Match] and hide it. Note that the Today() function returns today in UTC. Also note that this is the step where you can include any reasonable number of conditions depending on what your use-case requirements are (use AND/OR to chain conditions).
  3. Create a child table element called “Fresh Data” and filter the hidden column [Date Match] so that only True values are allowed.
  4. Schedule an export on the condition that the “Fresh Data” table contains any data.

I wanted to do this so I could stay updated on the sign-ups in an Input Table that I created…
but I could see this working for these other use-cases too:

  • When new deals appear in the closed deals table (i.e., when [Closed Date] = Today()).
  • When backordered items are marked as available (i.e., when [Available Date] = Today()).

How else can you imagine this to be helpful? What other conditions might you want to test?
Please feel free to comment below to discuss :slight_smile: Also happy to answer any other questions you have!

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