How to sort a bar chart?

I have a worksheet with one level that contains UFC fighters and their Cumulative standard deviation of betting odds changes over time (multiple snapshot dates in the data). I’ve got the fighter on the axis, and the cumulative standard deviation as the value. I have sorted the worksheet on cumulative standard deviation in descending order. How can I arrange the bar chart with the highest value as the left most bar, and the zero values all the way on the right?

If you go to the plot tab on the visualization panel, then find the column you placed on the axis, you can open up the column menu there to find sort options. From there, you can choose to sort descending by the Value field.

How would you sort if you have multiple columns on the x-axis? The sort button is greyed out. @majed - not sure if I should revive necro threads like this for these topics :slight_smile:

@dpn On worksheets with multiple columns on the x-axis, you should be able to sort each axis individually using the column menu.

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